Mata Pribadi’s “Fill in the Bubble” Competition #1

Each month we hope to bring you an image from our spy camera that would embarrass the subject’s  Mother and at the same time give you, the reader, the opportunity to tell us what might have been said at the time.

This month we bring you a picture of Pedro Rancamaya, VP Commercial of PDI-Tee Set, the well know Jakarta based Sunday morning cross-dressing group.

Entry is free and the first prize this month is an iPad 2 with all the options, so get those entries coming in!! The winner will feature in the next edition.

Funniest entry is the winner of course and, needless to say, the Editor’s opinion and decision is final on this one. We would be most happy to receive readers photos that meet our needs and imagine that the JH3 in particular will have plenty of low hanging fruit. C’mon there must be somebody you would like to embarrass!!

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23 Responses to Mata Pribadi’s “Fill in the Bubble” Competition #1

  1. Mata Pribadi says:

    Thanks to all for the entries, the competition is now declared closed – results to be announced shortly!!

  2. Ed T says: it true you’re the new dancer they just hired at the Apollo Bar & Lounge at Bellagio?!

  3. Ed T says:

    the skirt looks great on you..but man you gotta shave those legs!

  4. Ed T says:

    hey’re grandma is looking for that skirt!

  5. Ed T says:

    careful kicking up high in that skirt, might drop something!

  6. Ed T says:…you’re making the ladies of Tee Set insecure!

  7. Ed T says:

    Black shorts and sheer purple skirt! You won’t make it to the cover of Vogue magazine in that combination, Pedro!

  8. Ed T says:

    did you you hear those surgeries in Bangkok are not at 50% discount?!

  9. Anony Mouse says:

    Best of luck with the breast implants, Pedro ….

  10. Ric Wymer says:

    Your forgot your nickers again Pedro!

  11. Ed T says:

    you happy now, Peter? it must feel great to be finally out of the closet!

  12. Ed T says:

    hey Peter…is it true you’re joining Miss Jakarta Waria 2012?!

  13. Ed T says:

    hey Peter .. now we know why you’re wife divorced you!

  14. Ed T says:

    hmmmm..that skirt looks familiar… were you at the corner of Jalan Kendal and Jalan Blora the other night, weren’t you Peter?!?

  15. Ed T says:

    hey Peter…now we know why you’re wife divorced you!

  16. Ed T says:

    oh he’s cute! geesh..what am i thinking?!$%@

  17. Anonymous says:

    gosh..i wonder if i’d be able to work up enough courage to come out like him…god knows i’m dying to…!

  18. Tickled of Pink says:

    Which hole did you say you dropped your handbag on Peter?

  19. Andreas Stokowy says:

    I told you the hair removing cream I use works!

  20. TD says:

    I said you should have listened to Fauzi Bowo’s advice!

  21. That’s a funny place to keep a hedgehog, mate!

  22. A. Wino says:

    Mate, the Jocks are already out of the RWC so don’t need a kicker, besides – that’s the wrong tartan!

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